HyperDevbox releases ExZeus Arcade 2 for Android: 3D shooter game sets new milestone in the action arcade genre on mobile


It’s back to the future for Tokyo-based gaming studio HyperDevbox, which returns to its action arcade roots with ExZeus Arcade 2, the sequel to ExZeus Arcade, the fast-paced 3D shooting game that originally made the company popular. ExZeus Arcade 2 for Android takes the game to the next level of action and excitment, introducing stunning new graphics and a new style of gameplay that should impress even the most jaded gamer.

exzeus2ExZeus Arcade 2 is a collaboration with Nvidia, a global technology company based in Santa Clara, California and best known for its high-end graphics processing units (GPUs). While ExZeus Arcade 2 is fully optimized for Nvidia Tegra ® devices, it is also a reflection of HyperDevbox’s commitment to support as much of the Android ecosystem as possible.

HyperDevbox founder and CEO Carlo Perconti says, “I am so excited and proud to release ExZeus Arcade 2 after more than a year of intense development. This is a 3D shooter game that could very well set a new standard in the genre. It’s definitely a new milestone in the mobile action arcade genre.”

ExZeus 2 is a non-stop action game with many things happening at once. Perconti explains, “Besides the fact that this game has the amazing graphics HyperDevbox users have come to expect, we have implemented new styles of gameplay. Not only is there air-shooting, where you fly and shoot as in the original ExZeus Arcade, but now you can also land, do ground fighting with enemies – as in the popular arcade 3D beat-em-all games – and you can ride a motorbike and various type of other vehicles.”


The game also includes some 3D shoot-em-up style levels, as well as a shop for upgrades.


ExZeus 2 has another special feature that made the original ExZeus arcade game so popular: real-time ranking so users can see their actual ranking position in the worldwide leaderboard as they are playing. “There’s no need to wait until the end of the game to check your ranking,” says Perconti. The game will also show on the HUD (heads-up display), which will also display the top score and name.”


Perconti says that HyperDevbox continues to cater to the high-end mobile user. “There is a great demand for games that really push the action and allow the user to take advantage of the full potential of the latest smartphones,” he says. “ExZeus2 is one of those titles.” He says that with the release of ExZeus 2, HyperDevbox is really making its mark in the arena of high-end GPU developers. “Teaming up with Nvdia for ExZeus 2 for Android was a great move for us,” Perconti notes. “Their backing of this game is another seal of quality.”


“Our commitment is also to continue to provide ‘in-app free’ games, where what you pay is what you get, with no surprises,” he adds.


ExZeus 2 transports the player to the year 2217 CE. Over one century has passed since the battle against the alien war machines, and peace has returned to Earth. The name of Diadora is now nothing more than a dim memory, and not many remember the ExZeus project and the robots who saved the planet from darkness. But peace never lasts, and a new menace from above is about to break this one. There is only one way to counter this menace and restore hope: reopen the “ExZeus” project. The three metal warriors who previously saved Earth are thus fused to give birth to a new powerful model of robot, Minos… and from there, things begin to get really interesting.


Features of ExZeus 2 :


* Amazing 3D graphics and sound

* Impressive super attacks

* New elements of gameplay: shoot enemies in the air or fight them on the ground in close combat sequences

* Earn experience points based on your skills

* Upgrade and customize your own robot

* Gyro, virtual pad and external USB controller

* Online ranking

* Real-time worldwide leaderboard

* Optimized for NVIDIA® Tegra devices


ExZeus 2 is available now for $3.99 on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hyperdevbox.exzeus2


To preview this game, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0JcZNiUasU


About HyperDevbox:


Based in Tokyo and founded in 2005 by Carlo Perconti, HyperDevbox is a multi-platform developer and publisher, mainly focused on bringing fun, high-quality and technically advanced games to Smartphones and tablets.


Some of HyperDevbox’s achievements:

* ExZeus Arcade (Android), the first commercial game on Android market to have delivered the data directly to SD card

* Spectral Souls – Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires (Android), the first 1GB tactical RPG for Android

* In June 2011, HyperDevbox received recognition from Google as “Top Developer” on the Android Market

* In December 2011, HyperDevbox launched “Generation of Chaos”, the first massive strategy RPG for Android

* In July 2012, HyperDevbox launched “Spectral Souls” on iOS


For more information, visit the HyperDevbox web site: www.hyperdevbox.com


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