LivoBooks launches new interactive book app for iPhone, iPad based on the award-winning movie “Night of the Vampire”


‘Welcome to the Vampire’s Lair…If You Dare!’ delivers frights and fun through unusual vampire and his oddball antics

livobooksApp users everywhere will become totally engrossed—and more than slightly spooked—by “Welcome to the Vampire’s Lair…If You Dare!,” a thrilling and thoroughly entertaining new app created by writer and director of “Night of the Vampire,” Alê Camargo.

Inspired by the original “Night of the Vampire” movie—which was shot entirely in 3-D, that simulated old stop animation with no audio—the new app will be the first time the vampire is heard.

In this interactive book, the playful vampire Vladimir Von Splatter guides users through every room of his dreary dwelling, as he offers chilling interactive activities and uncovers hair-raising surprises.

“‘Night of the Vampire,’ which originally emerged out of artwork I created for a book, was quite expressionistic, as I was paying tribute to two of my passions, old horror films and German expressionism,” said Camargo, the film’s writer and director.  “With ‘Welcome to the Vampire’s Lair…If You Dare!,’ I’ve been able to adapt the film to create an interactive, modern-day app… and in doing so, I’ve finally given our vampire a voice.”

Available with word-by-word narration in English, Spanish and Portuguese, with the tap of a finger users can translate “Welcome to the Vampire’s Lair…If You Dare!” from one language to another.


The user activities in “Welcome to the Vampire’s Lair…If You Dare!” include:

  • Put a puzzle of the Mona Lisa back together the right way, or you will get a hair-raising surprise.
  • Watch Night of the Vampire on “Vampire TV” by touching the remote control.
  • Touch the coffins and watch screaming skeletons jump out singing blood curdling, menacing music in Screamophone.
  • Take a photo of yourself in Vamp-o-morph, and then add buggy, eerie eyes and ferocious fangs… and then use the picture to freak out all your friends!


“Welcome to the Vampire’s Lair…If You Dare!” is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. It is available in the itunes app store for $2.99.


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