Challenge International du Vin 5 & 6 April 2013 in Bourg (France)


Thirty-six years of expertise for the biggest 
international wine competition organized in France.

Challenge International du VinThis competition was created in 1976, and has continued to develop in line with the international market.

Awarded ISO 9001 certification in 2009 covering activities from sample handling to taster management.

Exhaustive representativeness: this year, some 5.000 wines from 38 countries will be put before our jury.

• The top six participating countries are France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary and Chile, not forgetting the competition’s wonderful surprises : Australian, Israeli, Japanese, Romanian and Egyptian wines.

• Special attention is given to organic wines : some 150 samples.


Civic activities :

• Collection of used bottles and recycling of wine for distillation.

• The corks are given to the Agir Cancer Gironde association in support of cancer research.

• Educational activities aimed at students and oenology clubs with a view to improving knowledge of the world’s wines.



A jury that pushes itself to its limits

The 800 tasters are grouped into juries made up of four people from the wine sector : from producers to buyers, not forgetting technicians and distributors, which ensures an appraisal that is representative of the market.

Each jury will spend two mornings tasting two series of 12 products.

The tasting sessions take place in partitioned areas where each stage is monitored by a commissioner.


Registration of tasters from 1st February 2013

For further information, please contact : + 33 5 57 68 25 66 ou


Samples : participation criteria

• Eligible public : all wine-growers from any part of the world.

• All wines are accepted, including special wines, mistela (fortified wine) and wine spirits.

• All vintages are also accepted provided they are bottled.

• Financial terms : the tariff varies according to the number of products presented and the method of registration (by mail or Internet) from € 66 to € 89 before tax.

The competition offers an attractive rate for transportation via collection platforms


Registration before 22 January 2013 & delivery of the samples before 30 January 2013


For further information

please contact : + 33 5 57 68 25 66 or

International Wine Challenge settlement available on our website



Prizes awarded

Special prizes :

+ Special prize for Alentejo (Portugal)

+ Prize for organic wine

+ Bourg & Blaye prize  in honour of the region at the origin of the creation of this competition.



In 2012, the competition awarded 375 gold medals, 415 Silver & 588 Bronze medals. The Special Tuscany prize was awarded to Piccini for its DOCG Brunello di Montalcino Red 2007 -Villa Al Cortile.

New in 2013

The prize winners will be given graphic representation of the tasters’ comments.


Wine competition

Director : Fabienne CORTADI

Institutional Communications and Press Relations Officer :


+ 33 5 57 68 37 03