Mono Life – THE MONO SOUND. Rel. Date: March/April / Label: Mono Sound Records


Musician, producer and DJ – Mono Life – AKA Mark Osborne is all set to release the eagerly anticipated ‘The Mono Sound’ EP on 11th March 2013.

Monolife Mono Sound Cover_Layout 1Taking inspiration from Orbital, Leftfield and DJ Shadow, to name but a few, Mono Life has utilized a canorous euphony of vintage synths, breaks and dark and dirty beats to provide a seismic symphony for a funked up future.

Mono Life nods its skull in the direction of its hip-hop, dance and electronica roots and fuses them together with a big thunderous pulse. The debut album from Mono Life is currently underway and is all set to be released later this year.

The first taster from the debut album is the Mono Sound EP. The EP sees Mono Life team up with some fantastic underground producers to deliver five versions of the track ‘The Mono Sound’ which featured on the 6Music Mixtape in November 2012. In addition to the Mono Life version, there are mixes by Endoflevelbaddie, AbeZilla, Cat Sized Panda and Sham Getz.

Dark and broody, yet uplifting with a pumping underbelly…the alternative meets the dancefloor!

On listening to Mono Life…

‘I am on a Raleigh Chopper speeding without pedalling through the Nevada Desert. Handlebar tassels form DNA double helixes and in my wing mirrors I can see sherbet planets exploding. As I approach Vegas I see every building is my face unblinking with a fixed grin.’

‘you are channelling john carpenter… filmic soundscape type stuffs a la assault on precinct 13… i am sure you know what i am talking about but you do darkness in a carpenter type way but you make it your own’

‘It makes me want to drive my car through the window of JJB Sports’



1. The Mono Sound

2. The Mono Sound (Endoflevelbaddie Remix)

3. The Mono Sound (AbeZilla Remix)

4. The Mono Sound (Cat Sized Panda Remix)

5. The Mono Sound (Sham Getz Remix)