Ovum comments: Glasgow chosen as Future City Demonstrator for the UK


The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has announced that Glasgow has been chosen to receive £24 million of Government investment and will become the Future City Demonstrator for the UK, showcasing the best the UK has to offer to a £220b global market for integrated city systems.

glasgow_by_nightJoe Dignan, Chief analyst for European Public Sector at Ovum, comments:

“Industry expectations have been overturned throughout this competition, and this result, too, will surprise many. Initially, the smart money was on Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds + Bradford or Manchester to scoop the prize, given their level of preparation. However, only Bristol joined the shortlist alongside Glasgow, Peterborough and London. Peterborough was considered the wild card, while most felt London had already been given more than its fair share of the public purse in the lead up to the Olympics. 

“Glasgow’s success reflects a global trend in the development of future cities being presaged by a major global event. Although it was considered the outsider in this race, its preparation for the 2014 Commonwealth Games was the catalyst to get the right people around the table to look at the performance of the city as a whole. There is no doubt that the judging process was objective and Glasgow’s bid excellent, but one can be sure that Westminster is happy to show its commitment to Scotland at the current time.”


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