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BMB Electronics announced the introduction of INSTEON in Europe and the handling of the European Distribution for one of the most reliable Home Automation and Smart Home brands.

Insteon Global ProductsToday’s homes are equipped with high-tech appliances, entertainment gear, computers, and communications gadgets. Utilities, such as electricity, lighting, heating and air conditioning are so much a part of modern life that they almost go unnoticed. But these systems and devices all act independently of each other—there still is nothing that can link them all together.

INSTEON is a major distributor of devices that enables your low-cost devices to be networked using the powerline, radio frequency (RF) or both. All INSTEON devices are peers, meaning that any device can transmit, receive or repeat other messages, without requiring a master controller or complex software.

We are pleased to inform you that BMB Electronics is the first European Distributor to introduce the INSTEON DIN-Rail Dimmer (2452-422) DIN-Relay (2453-422) Plug-in Dimmers (2632-432 Germany, 2632-422 France) and Thermostats (2732-422 and 2732-432). Please check with BMB Electronics about availability, pricing and support.

Soon to come are micro-modules, plug-in relays and many more….

INSTEON is a cost-effective dual band network technology optimized for home management and control. INSTEON-networked Electronic Home Improvement products can interact with one another, and with people, in new ways that will improve the comfort, safety, convenience and value of homes around the world.


About BMB Electronics
Established in 1987, BMB Electronics is located in Veen, Netherlands and is one of Europe’s Premier Distributors of Custom Installation, Audio Visual, Building Automation and Lighting Control solutions. The company holds extensive stock to supply the European and Middle Eastern markets and hosts regular dealer/installer training sessions at its own custom designed office in The Netherlands. For more information please visit our website,


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