Janette Slack
 “Torture Garden Session”

 rel. date: 4th Feb 2013


Her first album is finished, she headlined Ministry of Sound at Easter, and she recently hit our screens on SKY1’s Gadget Geeks. Welcome back to Janette Slack! ‘When she’s not shooting music videos. DJing across the globe or whizzing around London on her rollerblades, Janette has been working relentlessly on her eagerly anticipated debut album ‘Torture Garden Session’.
Torture_Garden_SessionJanette Slack
has become a fixture of the club scene over the last decade, rising up through the ranks to become a major player on the breakbeat scene in the 90’s, flipping her style to House / Electro and Progressive in the noughties, headlining Ministry Of Sound, working for Mixmag,  DJing the globe over, the list goes on.

Representing her residency at Torture Garden, Janette is frequently asked in interviews what kind of music she plays.  Porno House?  Nude Music?  In part to cease the endless barrage of genre distinctions, Janette set out to set the record straight and demonstrate Torture Garden’s aural imprint by summing it up in an album; forgoing the conventional stop-start, track to track format and presenting the album’s solo tracks, collaborations and re-rubs as a continuous DJ mix.

Vocals on the intro – ‘Welcome to the Garden’ come courtesy of  the king of cabaret, Joe Black.  He sets the scene with his distinctive voice over the top of Janette’s sonic canvas of high heels, Indian drums, atmospheric layers and twisted edits. Janette’s solo tracks draw inspiration from her wide range of musical influences merging driving rock riffs and fills, progressive melodies and cinematic soundscapes with relentless, catchy basslines and thick, grooving drums.

The four collaborations featured on the album start with ‘It’s On You’ – an up-beat electro house number with Bristolian born, Thailand based producer Adsorb. Next up it’s ‘Slave to the System’ with Tyrrell and funk vocalist Kris Widakay whose input fuses gritty electro with haunting electric guitars.  ‘You Can’t Stop This’ with Kickflip and featuring Javone ‘Jerwayne’ Prince of Channel 4’s Phoneshop picked up Mixmag’s Tune of the Month and ‘Kut Me Sum’ showcases the vocal talents of MC and Pressed Records label owner Tuhin Chisti. Finishing off the album in a very different style, ‘One Life’ comes with a poignant vocal story sung by Teph Kay who last year on the night of her wedding suffered an illness and lost her voice and still hasn’t fully recovered.  For both Teph and Janette the inclusion of ‘One Life’ remains a poignant swan song to the album.

As 2012 draws to a close, not content with managing to build her own living space and studio, modeling, touring AND releasing her own album, `Janette has chosen to make Torture Garden Session the debut release on her new label ‘Slack Trax’, a busy busy girl then and with many more releases to come in 2013 there will be no rest for the wicked !