Impara come creare una Newsletter di alto impatto comunicativo


We believe that e-mail newsletters are still the best way to stay in touch with your customers and audience.

But we strongly believe that you should not be limited to the classic e-bulletin or PDF format anymore – you can have more and offer more!

Here is what a flip-newsletter offers you:

Engagement – users spend more than 10 minutes on a flip-newsletter compared to 2 minutes on a PDF newsletter or normal html newsletter.

Higher conversion-rates – more than 60% of the users who have received a flip-newsletter have opened and interacted with it.

Better understanding of the content – by adding videos, interactivity, online polls and quizzes your audience understands your products and services better.

Better promotion and sales – your audience will be able to share your newsletter via e-mail and social media and even buy directly from your newsletter.

Analytics – you will be able to track and analyze visits and actions made by your users. In general a proper promoted Actionpaper flip-newsletter has more than 10.000 visits

Multi-channel availability – your flip-newsletter will be available on all devices – computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets – just by a link!

See how an interactive digital newsletter looks like and how it can work for you!



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