Clipster, creator of Social Video Engagement solutions, announced the launch of their first global Social Video Engagement Solution for YouTube: Clipster for YouTube. This quick-to-launch application allows brands and agencies to customize their YouTube pages and deliver relevant, globally based social video content. Clipster for YouTube opens revolutionary new ways for brands to extend their reach, and boost engagement with their target audience worldwide.

Although Clipster enriches the marketing tool palette significantly, it’s not reserved for brands with significant advertising budgets only. With its quick-to-launch solution, Clipster offers both bigger and smaller brands unlimited opportunities to engage their customers worldwide via social video, without having to pay the big bill.

As a member of the Google Engagement Solutions Developer Program, Clipster provides quick-to-launch custom YouTube Brand Channel solutions to help brands extend their reach and drive engagement with their core audience.


Multi-lingual in two ways

Already an innovative social video solution on Facebook, Clipster now shows its great potential with their first global Social Video Engagement Solution for YouTube with several unique features. One of them is that it’s multi-lingual in two ways. Not only is it possible to use any YouTube supported character set (including Hebrew, Korean, Japanese and Russian), brands can also customize their YouTube pages and serve relevant social video content based on a user’s country and language settings.


Live within the shortest amount of time

Clipster for YouTube’s user-friendly editor gives total freedom in editing and updating the custom page, including customizable backgrounds, scalable video players, text fonts, categories, thumbnails, teasers, social sharing buttons and numerous additional options.

Clipster allows brands and agencies to easily create a custom page in their YouTube channel within the shortest amount of time – even within a week!


More to come

Clipster will add even more features along the way, also for mobile, pushing the boundaries of customization and bringing consumer engagement with brands through video to the highest level.



About Clipster

Clipster, creator of social video engagement solutions, is based in The Netherlands. Clipster is part of Outpost11 Ventures, that currently holds one other internet company, internet agency Outpost11.


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